Stiletto Grips 1 Pair
Stiletto Grips 1 Pair
Stiletto Grips 1 Pair
Stiletto Grips 1 Pair
Stiletto Grips 1 Pair
Stiletto Grips 1 Pair

Stiletto Grips 1 Pair

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High Heel Protectors for Women’s Shoes

Stop High Heels From Sinking Into Grass

  • High Heel and Stiletto Protectors: Stops high heels and stilettos from sinking in soft ground like grass. Ideal for uneven surfaces like gravel, cobblestone, hardwood floors, pavement cracks, grates and other uneven surfaces.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Weddings, outdoor parties, graduations, open houses, housewarming parties, days at the races, and memorials.
  • One-Size Fits: Extra small, small, and medium heels. For heel widths 8-14 mm.
  • Stylish, Easy Application, Discreet: Almost invisible. Easy application and removal without damaging your heels.
  • Flexible and Durable: Made from flexible rubber, for all day walking. Multiple rinse and reuse.

Why MyStiletto - Stiletto Grips?

  • 1 pair of Stiletto Grips fits all sizes xs, s, and m, designed for your heels between 8-14 mm across.
  • Discreet, clear, and virtually transparent on grass makes Stiletto Grips perfect for wedding and other outdoor events.
  • Durable, so it can be reused over again.


  1. Place over heel
  2. Push firmly to secure in place
  3. Remove after use
  4. Rinse in warm water and reuse.


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