Q. How do I know which size will fit my high heel stiletto?

A.  As we strive to provide the perfect fit on the heel of your stiletto, the difference between sizes is minimal. Choose the snuggest fit for your high heel stiletto based on the sizing chart.  The correct size heel cap or grip, should be difficult to remove.  

Stiletto Caps are available in 4 sizes: Extra small, small, medium, and large. For heel widths 7-15 mm labeled on the exterior of the cap.

Stiletto Grips are a one-size that fits extra small, small, and medium heels. For heel widths 8-14 mm.

Note: Measure heel tip not rubber tip.  If your heel is between sizes, ALWAYS choose the smaller size.

Q. How do Stiletto Caps and Stiletto Grips stay on? Are they adhesive?

A. MyStiletto uses an exclusive material for a snug fit.  They grip onto your heel and stay on tightly, there is no glue or special tools needed.   It is important to follow the sizing chart.  If your heel is between sizes, ALWAYS choose the smaller size. When you’re ready to remove them, just slip them on or off as needed. 

Q. How long does Stiletto Caps and Stiletto Grips last?

 A. Most customers using Stiletto Caps and Stiletto Grips experience several months of intermittent use. Keep in mind, this is influenced by the distance traveled, walking surfaces, and individual wear. 

Q. Should I use Stiletto Caps over my damaged heels?

A.  Yes, that is one of the reason it was designed for! It is designed to use as an everyday protection on newer heels or to temporary cover damaged heels.  However, if used over damaged heels that have a metal nail exposed, the heel protectors will not last as long. 

Q. Do I need to remove the old or damaged heel tip before applying the Stiletto Caps?

No, it fits over your existing heel tip and any exposed metal nail. 

Q. How do I choose the right colour?

A. Stiletto Caps are offered in two colours: taupe and black. As the main shoe colour is not a factor, we recommend the following:

  • Taupe looks best on white,  nuetral/nude, and lightly coloured shoes.  
  • Black looks best on black and dark coloured shoes.

Q. What makes Stiletto Caps and Stiletto Grips different than other high heel caps and protectors?

A. Stiletto Caps are discreet and virtually undetectable on high heel stilettos. You can maintain the look of your high heel on newer shoes to prevent your heels from wearing out, while protecting the integrity of the heel, stopping that clicking noise as you walk. 

Many customers also use Stiletto Caps:

  • protect various types of flooring
  • conceal older and damaged heels
  • provide stability when walking on heels

Stiletto Grips are discreet, clear, and virtually transparent on grass.  

Many customers also use Stiletto Grips:

  • provide stability when walking on heels in uneven surfaces like gravel, cobblestone, hardwood floors, pavement cracks, grates and other uneven surfaces
  • stop high heels and stilettos from sinking in soft ground like grass
  • minimize damage and dirt on heels

Q. How do I remove the Stiletto Cap or Grip?

A.  Firmly wiggle the cap or grip back and forth to gently loosen it. 

Q. Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

A. Yes! MyStiletto offers a 20% discount on purchases of 15 pairs or more. For more information contact info@mystiletto.ca. 

Q. How does MyStiletto fulfill my order?

A. MyStiletto uses Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to fulfill all its orders.

Q. What is your return policy?

A.  If you are not completely satisfied, you may return or exchange the product within 30 days.  

Customer will have to cover their own shipping cost. 

30 Day Hassle Free return policy

 For more detailed information refer to our Returns Policy page.

Q. Does MyStiletto.ca use Cookies?

A. Yes, refer to Section 7 of our Privacy Policy page.  


***Customers should take extra care if choosing to use MyStiletto products on unusually soft ground or with particularly fragile or easily damaged heels. MyStiletto accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to heels that occurs while Stiletto Caps and Stiletto Grips are being worn.